Sour water stripper bottoms ammonia concentration

In a similar manner, optimum combinations of steam and caustic can be developed for other utility expenditures. The inorganic acids were identified chemically, and the organic acids were back-calculated by difference. Cyanide Stripping Testa in Buffered Water The tare weight minus the sample weight equals the weight of Potentiometric titration of stripped sour water from Refinery A:


The tare weight minus the sample weight equals the weight of When cool, the sample is transferred to a ml volumetric flask and diluted to volume. The major crude processed during the study period is identified. The method of claim 1, further comprising transporting the concentrated ammonium sulfide solution to a purification facility by a truck, a train, a barge, or an ocean freighter. Organic acids were an important acidic component of the sour waters studied. The purification facility is ideally suited to refine the byproducts and manufacture and market desirable commodities from the byproducts through the use of available technology. Within the context of this specification, each term or phrase below will include the following meaning or meanings.

Application Note: pH Control in Sour Water Stripping - METTLER TOLEDO

The concentrate can be stored and delivered in a solid form or as wet sludge. The general object of the invention can be attained, at least in part, through a method for treating a waste product from a chemical processing plant. The ammonia enters an ammonia purification unit 40 for forming nitric acid or other useful chemicals. The data in these two figures were used to generate contour maps of ammonia and sulfide removal efficiency as a function of steam and caustic rates. The method of claim 8 , wherein producing the vapor stream comprises steam stripping the waste liquid. It will approach either from the basic or acidic side, depending on the initial feed concentration of ammonia and sulfide.
This column combination gives good separations over the equivalent molecular weight range of about 50 to Sulfide removal efficiency as a function of steam and caustic addition rate. The concentrated liquid is transported to a purification facility for further processing. The weak ammonium sulfide solution is circulated from the bottom of the second stage 68 to the top of the second stage 68 down. The pH profile in a stripping column is usually highly dependent on the steam rate used. Removal of hydrogen sulfide from sour water.
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